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Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the new pool be located?

The new pool will be constructed at the same location as the old pool. The old pool will be demolished, and the site will be used for the new aquatic facility.

How will the new aquatic facility be paid for?

After the opinion surveys are tallied and the conceptual design is finalized based on all public input, the funding method will be decided by the Wamego City Commission.

Will the new pool be indoor or outdoor?

The new pool will be outdoor like our existing pool. There is an option for an indoor pool that is part of the conceptual design drawing. Depending on funding options and the popularity indicated by the opinion survey results, the indoor pool may be part of a potential future phase. It may not be possible to fund the indoor pool along with the replacement outdoor aquatic facility.

Is the conceptual design the right size for Wamego?

Yes. The conceptual design is sized for the population of Wamego today and into the future. The design will satisfy all of the needs we have such as swimming lessons, water exercise, swim teams, summer relaxation and recreation. The conceptual design has something for all our residents from our infants up to our valued senior citizens. The design has all of the modern features expected of municipal aquatic facilities these days, as well as features, such as the lazy river and exciting slides, to keep the facility useful and fun for many decades to come.

Did you consider renovating the old pool instead of demolishing and building new?

Yes, we explored all options and decided that replacement of our 33 year old pool was best. Trying to renovate the aging pool and bring it into compliance with all current codes would be very expensive. We did not think it wise to invest such a sum of money into what would still be an old pool structure. Replacement also allows us to update and modernize the facility to meet the current expectations of patrons and make our facility relevant and exciting for many decades into the future.

We did determine that the existing bathhouse structure is in good structural condition, so that building shell will be reused. The bathhouse will be completely gutted and refurbished with new and modern changing, restroom, and shower facilities.