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Wamego Swimming Pool Replacement

....Let's invest in our community and keep Wamego STRONG.....

Wamego Swimming Pool Replacement

replacement project

Because of the outdated and deteriorating condition of our 33 year old swimming pool facility, the City of Wamego formed a pool committee tasked with developing a conceptual plan for a new replacement aquatic center facility located in the same location as our existing swimming pool.

With the help of a professional aquatic facility design firm, the Wamego Swimming Pool Committee has created a conceptual replacement swimming pool design for consideration and input from Wamego area residents.

We encourage you to look around this website to learn more about this issue and the opportunity we have to replace our swimming pool with a new, more modern aquatic facility to serve our community well both now and over the coming decades. The conceptual swimming pool design includes features for everyone, from our young toddlers to our valued senior citizens.

We are asking all of our Wamego area residents to review the conceptual design and take an online survey to give us your opinions and feedback. After receiving your input, we will make appropriate changes to the conceptual design.

Please visit this site at the end of April to see the results of the survey and the revised conceptual design as applicable.

project timeline

Step 1

City appointed Pool Committee to study replacement of the pool, develop a conceptual design, and receive input from the public.

January – March 2017

Step 2

Receive input from the community through online survey and public input meeting.

Online survey March 29 – April 14, 2017

Public input meeting Tuesday April 4th, 2017 at 6:30 PM.
(The meeting is at Iron Clad, 427 Lincoln Avenue, Wamego, KS 66547)

Step 3

Refine conceptual design of the replacement aquatic facility based on all of the input received from the Wamego public.

April 2017

Step 4

Funding method for the replacement aquatic facility will be decided by the Wamego City Commission.

Step 5

Construction of the replacement aquatic facility.

Construction will begin at the end of a swim season

Step 6

Grand Opening of the new aquatic facility!

Memorial Day Weekend at the start of the swim season.

Photos of our existing outdated and deteriorating pool